Punjab Nahin Jaun Gi

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The story revolves around Fawad Khagga, who dreams of finding a girl to love. His cousin, Durdana Butt loves him, but Fawad does not. He goes to a Pir and asks him to help find the girl. Meanwhile, Amal Dastoor arrives from London after completing her masters in Economics. Firdous Khagga really likes Amal and wants her to marry her son Fawad. She sends a picture of Amal to Fawad, and he instantly falls in love with her. She talks to Mahtaab Khagga to get Amal to marry Fawad. Mahtaab talks to Amal but she rejects immediately; as she likes her friend Vasay, who is coming to Pakistan to marry her. Vasay is a spoilt brat whose parents are divorced. Fawad and Amal finally meet and he tries to propose her.

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